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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Jive turkey

I'm thankful for the renovations at Immaculate. Did the on-field interviews in about five minutes in the rain, and emerged soaking wet. Wouldn't have been fun to run the sidelines for two hours, trying to keep a notebook dry. Thanks to the Mustangs faithful for a spot in the box.

Over at the Web site, the new weekly is up. At final check, the previous sitepoll (What's Bridgeport's best rivalry?) was something like WBS 20, Hartford 15, Philly 2, Bingo 1 and other 1. If that "other 1" is out there: Comment anonymously if you want, but I'm just curious who you'd pick. The Pack was making a late charge, but at this point, especially with this alignment, I rather agree with the majority. (BTW, if you have an idea for a sitepoll, please feel free to e-mail it over. We're shooting for one poll per week.)

Just in time to wreck all the weekly stuff about Norfolk, the Ads finally lose at home, in OT to Manchester. At least Krog and Haydar snuck onto the scoresheet again. (Plus-5?)

Funky little stat in Wednesday's Lowell-Hershey game. The first three goals were power-play goals; then Hershey scored short-handed, and then Lowell scored four-on-four. Because the same Lowell four were on the ice for both goals, only one Lowell player had a plus/minus that wasn't even. (Happens to be Justin Papineau.)

From a couple of days ago, Pam Dawkins has a story about the beginnings of development in the vacant lots across from the barn and the Ballpark.

Answer to the question in yesterday's header, BTW: four. (Kind of surprised myself, reading back, to find an inadvertent Paul Simon reference in the body, too...)

OK, enough, before Mom kills me; I'm off (and I hope you are, too.) Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, again, unless you're Canadian, in which case I'm a month and a half late again.


  • Happy Turkey Day Mike and everyone else.

    By Anonymous stan, at 7:16 PM  

  • Would it be quicker then 4 if you found someone with a fast boat?

    Ok... now I'm going back into my turkey coma (or maybe I'll figure out where the NFL Network is on the dish).

    By Blogger Andy Gardecki, at 9:50 PM  

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