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Friday, November 17, 2006

All in

Hadn't done much on either Jason Pitton or Billy Thompson yet. That kind of thing bugs me. It was kind of nice that they both had big nights in the same game.

As did Jeff Tambellini. As did Robert Nilsson. As did Frans Nielsen. As did...

Well, it'd be shorter to tell you who didn't.

(long pause)

Dimitri Patzold?

Bridgeport remains road warriors with a short-hander (first one not into an empty net), a four-on-four goal on a breakaway (first four-on-four goal not into an empty net), a five-on-three goal (no empty net there, just hard work around the cage), a great bounce that would otherwise have been shot into a wide-open net, and one of those garbage goals you've heard so much about lately. Pitton talks about it in the morning, and it's about time I got his voice in the paper again, eh?

F: Tambellini-Colliton (A)-Comeau
D: Fata-Berry
Mitchell-Wotton (C)
Halvardsson-Rourke (A)

F: Darche-Pavelski-Stevenson
Valette (A)-Cavanagh-Iggulden
D: Gorges-Biron
Ferguson (A)-Stafford

Dan Marshall said Bouchard was more a precautionary thing; "he played hard the other day," they don't want to push it. Halvardsson missed the third; Marshall hadn't received the details yet, but it didn't sound too serious.

Penalties with... Reggie the Roving Reporter does indeed appear to be online; thanks, Stan. My work-issued computer says it doesn't have the right program and can't get that program. Thanks, compy. No capital-c for you.

After the second period, Bridgeport had hit seven posts in its previous five periods.

The curtains at the Centrum DCU Center make it a much cozier building and a better atmosphere. Plus, we've been moved down from the upper reaches to the concourse level, which makes for a better view (except when people are walking up from below us, but whatcha gonna do).

Came up early for the morning skate... the Toronto Marlies' morning skate. The Marlies played in Manchester on Wednesday and in Springfield tonight, and former IceCats coach Greg Gilbert stopped them off here for two days. They skated here in the morning, then bused to Springy. And if you know the Marlies' roster at all, you can probably guess the story that's coming soon to a paper near you...

(And yes, the first thing I did when I finished my story was do a find-and-replace on any "IceCats" references...)

The Marlies' helmets have their leaf logo, and the McDonalds arches next to it. From a distance, the 'M' almost looked like some funky alternate logo.

To kill time in the afternoon, stopped at the movies and saw Borat. The man is sick. Some laugh-out-loud moments, some uncomfortable chuckles, some disturbing images. Worth the viewing, but you could probably wait for the DVD/HBO showing.

Jose Antonio Rivera, the WBA light middleweight champion and a Worcester resident, was in the house. He took the ceremonial first shot (and it might've won Score-O). Marjamaki and Fata took inspiration and finished the night with the unceremonial last shots. Fata vs. Evans was a heck of a back-and-forth tilt. Marjamaki vs. Staubitz was lots of emotion, some good shots. (Hey, remember hockey fights?)

Matt Koalska faces his old mates Saturday night for the first time. Tim Leone e-mailed me a sneak peek; check out the Patriot News in the morning for some very Matt-like quotes.


  • borat was sick. Nice bed scene. eh!
    see ya in peanut butter cup land...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:43 AM  

  • Good to see the Tigers pushing their fight total to three. Keep it up, maybe they'll have 10 before the end of the season!

    By Blogger Jason, at 11:08 AM  

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