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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Cool Fun 202

PHYS/SOCI 6202 - W 11AM AHY Marshall - An intensive 65-minute session (plus bonus time). Subjects include holding leads, power plays, hamstrings and the psychology of the shootout. Prerequisites: Cool Fun 101-102, 201; $6 activities fee

Taking a break from grinding out the weekly feature... boy, this was a weird one. Dead for one period; Bridgeport comes alive in the second and moves at will on a power play; Wilkes-Barre takes over in the third (except for Halvardsson's goal -- the last Sound Tigers shot of regulation, with 12:34 to go -- which gives him a goal and an assist in the past three games, the same offensive totals he had last year for HV 71 in 37 games) Bridgeport hits the post four times, and it's...

...it's another shootout.

The best thing (OK, not really) about covering the Sound Tigers the past two years was 11 shootouts in 167 games. The pace is frightening this time around.

F: Comeau-Colliton (A)-Boguniecki
D: Bouchard-Berry
Mitchell-Wotton (C)
Halvardsson-Rourke (A)

F: Stone-Christensen-Filewich
D: Nasreddine (C)-Skolney
Lannon-DuPont (A)
Gilbert-Carkner (A)

Couple of new ads on the AHY ice over the past week. While the traditionalist in me shudders, it's good to see, if it's bringing in money.

If my eyes didn't deceive me from this distance, much credit to the kid in 114 who was wearing a dark Devils sweater with the old green trim.

Actually watched a UHF signal last night, with the cable plugged into the VCRs (mostly for Mom, though I wasn't missing House). Nostalgic. Static! Fine tuning! Any longer and I'd have wondered why the picture wasn't black-n-white.


OK, so while I was waiting Tuesday for an interview that never happened, I had time to jot down the lineup for each of the five team photos hanging on the dressing-room hallway wall. And you know I love sharing junk like that. Enjoy picking out which guys were photoshopped in. Here goes:

2001-02: back row: Ken Sutton, Justin Mapletoft, Raffi Torres, Juraj Kolnik, Ben Guite, David Morisset, Evgeny Korolev. Middle row: Trainer Garrett Timms, Eric Godard, Matt Higgins, Ray Giroux, Jason Podollan, Scott Ricci, Trent Hunter, equipment manager Vinny Ferraiuolo. Front row, seated: Stephen Valiquette, Marko Tuomainen (A), Jason Krog (A), director of hockey ops Gordie Clark, president Roy Boe, coach Steve Stirling, assistant coach Dave Baseggio, Chris Armstrong (A), Ray Schultz (A), Rick DiPietro

2002-03: Back row: Blaine Down, Kevin Mitchell, Dan Tetrault, Jeremy Adduono, Daniel Tkaczuk, Justin Mapletoft, Mike Souza, Jeff Hamilton. Middle row: Equipment manager Jeff Camelio, Matt Higgins, Trent Hunter, Konstantin Kalmikov, Alain Nasreddine (A), Alan Letang (A), Stephen Valiquette, Tomi Pettinen, Martin Chabada, trainer Garrett Timms. Front row, seated: David St. Germain, Eric Manlow (A), NYI assistant director of pro scouting Kevin Maxwell, coach Steve Stirling, president Roy Boe, assistant coach Dave Baseggio, Brandon Smith (A), Scott Stirling.

2003-04: Back row: Martin Kariya, Rob Collins, Blaine Down, Mattias Weinhandl, Cole Jarrett, Derek Bekar, Ben Guite, Cail MacLean, Kevin Colley, Jeff Hamilton. Middle row: Equipment manager Jeff Camelio, assistant equipment manager Josh Zygmont, Jody Robinson, Mattias Timander, Tomi Pettinen, Graham Belak, Alain Nasreddine, trainer Garrett Timms, skating coach Bernie Cassell. Front row, seated: Wade Dubielewicz, Ryan Kraft (A), Alan Letang (C), assistant coach Dave Baseggio, president Roy Boe, executive vice president Todd Boe, coach Greg Cronin, Eric Manlow, Brandon Smith (A), Dieter Kochan.

2004-05 (Taken at Nassau Coliseum, March 23, 2005): Back row: Rob Collins, Blaine Down, Matt Koalska, John Morlang, Jeff Hutchins, Jason Sessa, Jeff Szwez. Third row: Sean Bergenheim, Justin Papineau, Graham Belak, Eric Godard, Steve Regier, Vince Macri, Barrett Heisten, Kevin Colley. Second row: Equipment manager Jeff Camelio, trainer Garrett Timms, Keith Aldridge, Ryan Caldwell, Jody Robinson (A), Chris Campoli, Bruno Gervais, Cole Jarrett, skating coach Bernie Cassell, assistant equipment manager Tom Sideris, broadcaster Bill McLaughlin. Front row, seated: Wade Dubielewicz, Ed Campbell (C), assistant coach Dave Baseggio, general manager Mike Milbury, owner Charles Wang, coach Greg Cronin, goaltending coach Sudarshan Maharaj, Justin Mapletoft, Ryan Kraft (A), Dieter Kochan.

2005-06: Back row: Bruno Gervais, Mark Lee, Matt Koalska, Sean Bergenheim, Harlan Pratt, Jeremy Colliton, Jody Robinson, David Masse, Joe Tallari, Justin Papineau, Mike Omicioli. Middle row: Assistant equipment manager Mike Latham, equipment manager Paul Camelio, Robert Nilsson, Tomi Pettinen, Steve Regier, Paul Flache, Ryan Caldwell, Chris Thompson, Masi Marjamaki, Evgeny Tunik, trainer John Sullo. Front row, seated: Wade Dubielewicz, Cole Jarrett (A), Allan Rourke (A), assistant coach Pat Bingham, president Howard Saffan, coach Dave Baseggio, assistant coach Lane Lambert, Rob Collins, Jeff Hamilton (A), Frederic Cloutier.

(C's and A's indicate the letters are present in the pictures. 2001-02, 2002-03 and 2005-06 are in white; 2003-04 is in black; 2004-05 is in blue.)

While hanging out, also noticed another hard-to-believe shot on the wall, along the lines of the aforementioned Ricky in 1... In the changing area, there's a picture of Dieter Kochan and Jeff Hamilton in the old blue alternates. But these sweaters have the old-style, bubble-numbering with gold trim, which makes it clear that this picture was taken during one of the only three games those were worn, most likely Dec. 13, 2003, the 19th game of the 20-game unbeaten streak. The second set of blues had bare-bones white numerals, closer to what was worn the following season (though not exactly, if I remember right).


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