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Friday, October 13, 2006

People see you havin' fun

So in case there were any doubts about Peter Ferraro's number change, the No. 42 sweater was spotted today. (Not that you had any doubts.)

There may be some player moves sometime this weekend, with 13 healthy forwards and seven healthy defensemen, and with another one of each getting closer to returning. Nothing immediate, though; it sounds like it would come no earlier than after the Hartford game.

Hadda love Joe Buck's reference to the "Baseball Bunch" tonight...

The Bridgeport dressing room underwent a summer renovation. New paint job in the new team colors, for one thing. Major A/V work -- there's now a couple of big ol' flat-screen TVs and such. It's way nicer than my room.

One neat thing is big pictures from team and organization history. In the hallway where I usually hang out and wait are the "official" BST team pictures from all five seasons. Across from last year's, across from Paul Camelio's office, is a team celebration shot from the first regular-season finale, gathered around the Mac Kilpatrick Trophy. (And hey, a Mat Snesrud sighting!) Next to that, above the stick rack, is a sequence of (I think it's eight) photos of that Kevin Colley breakaway goal against Philly last November.

The neatest thing I've seen from these photos, though: Above Allan Rourke's stall is a montage of Season 1 pix, including one of Rick DiPietro. What's really impressive: He's wearing No. 1. That limits it to the first three home games in franchise history...


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