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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Last train for the Coast

Former Sound Tigers on ECHL training camp rosters (camp invites in parentheses, and I hope I caught everyone):

Alaska: Barrett Heisten. Augusta: (Will Bodine). Charlotte: (Alex Westlund). Cincinnati: (Sam Ftorek), (Aaron Foster). Columbia: Chris Thompson, Chris Barr, Jeff Miles. Fresno: Vince Macri, Luke Curtin, John Morlang, Scott Stirling. Gwinnett: Paul Flache. Johnstown: Jean Desrochers, (Ben Wallace). Las Vegas: Derek Edwardson, Aaron Power, Joe Tallari. Long Beach: Adam Edinger. Pensacola: (Tyler Liebel), (Colin Hemingway), (Jeff Pietrasiak). Phoenix: Joe Dusbabek, Cody Rudkowsky. Reading: Jeff State, D, T.J. Kemp, (Dave Borreli), Doug Christiansen. South Carolina: Cail MacLean. Stockton: (Mike Lalonde). Texas: Jean-Francois David, Mike Bayrack. Trenton: Peter Tormey, (Brian Yandle). Utah: Ed Campbell. Victoria: Wes Goldie, Dave Morisset.

In looking for an obvious missing name, I found this, saying Jody Robinson has retired. Will ask around on that tomorrow.

For those of a certain age: Dwayne Hay is in Pensacola's camp. For those from a certain area: Peter Zingoni is back in Trenton's, and Peter Giatrelis is in Victoria's.

Meanwhile, here's an mlb.com report from Marty Noble on how hilariously close Tom Glavine came to being the third Mets pitcher to go down with a leg injury this week.


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