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Monday, October 02, 2006

Pack it in

Preseason's over. Now comes the leadup, a week-long celebration of tough cuts. Good luck, Dan Marshall.

There are probably at least 16 forwards, including two presumptive send-downs from the Islanders (no official word that I've heard), who could make a case for this team. Figure on getting one defenseman from above immediately and maybe another one eventually, and that's at least 11 defensemen you could say, sure, he could have a role on this team.

Depth, as this organization knows all too well, is good.

Sunday -- and it sounds like Saturday, too -- was in part a matter of sending some of the tryouts out again and seeing a near-full-strength team on the other side. The shots have reflected that. At the risk of sounding like Art Howe, they battled. Wasn't enough Sunday, but they battled.

Day off Monday, though there might be some movement.

Good, competitive camp. Now we'll see how that pays off.

(BTW, I'm told Saturday's goal was actually scored by Brent Henley on the power play, not Kevin Mitchell.)

Update: Newsday says Peter Ferraro, Brandon Cullen and Rick Berry are most likely coming now, with Bruno Gervais and Joel Bouchard up for the 7 spot. The biggest news in there, given the signings of the past month or so, is probably that Gervais has made the decision so tough. As recently as the start of camp, Gervais seemed pegged for here without many second thoughts. Can't say I'm surprised, though, that he's given the braintrust something to think about...


  • I don't think there are that many "tough" cuts to be made. This team is owned, run, and here to serve the New York Islanders. They've got tons of prospects and signed players already on our roster leaving virtually no room for anyone else to make it. Most of these guys we've seen this past week (including all those tough guys) are going back to where they came from (or Pensacola if they have no place else). You have to figure that the Islanders are going to want to see the following (very full) list of guys on our opening night roster.

    Nilsson, Colliton, Nokelainen, Comeau, Marjamaki, Nielsen, Regier, Koalska, Ogorodnikov, Aquino, Cullen, P. Ferraro

    Rourke, Berry, Wotton, Halvardsson, Caldwell (injured), either Gervais or Bouchard

    and Dubielewicz

    This leaves a goalie decision (which might favor Thompson who's under contract) and the need for about three more guys to fill out the full roster (plus maybe one or two short term Dmen to replace Caldwell and in case the Islanders keep both guys for awhile.

    Who's left? Jason Pitton is an Islanders prospect. Jason Guerriero is under contract and has looked great. Chris Ferraro tends to stick where his brother is, but I'm not sure we need three more forwards. On D you have Kevin Mitchell under contract, Bryan Rodney playing well, and Drew Fata with some experience and talent.

    After that I can't see anyone else cracking the lineup, especially not in the place of any Islanders prospects.

    By Blogger Andy Gardecki, at 11:24 AM  

  • I don't think this applies to the Sound Tigers, but this topic made me think of something that's been bouncing around in my head for a few days.
    The easiest way to ruin an AHL team's season is to send it a bunch of middling prospects on NHL contracts.

    By Anonymous jb, at 2:31 AM  

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