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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Day 3

(Gotta get away from these numbers. Maybe.)

Two stops at Tim Hortons turn this from an OK day to a good one...

Good game (it appeared from where I was). Mole did his job, penalty kill was good, Regier looked like a man among boys once he played. (He, Koalska and Marjamaki sat out the first period for an unspecified reason. I know it's not disciplinary; just unspecified.) Good game for the people you'd expect it from, and few of the tryouts look substantially out of place.

Dave Borrelli appeared to take a stick up high early in the game, and I don't think he returned to action, though he might have been on the bench. We'll check again Thursday.

Initial lineup:
F: Lalonde-CFerraro-Sullivan
D: Mitchell-Rodney

Lines were torn asunder by the return of Marjamaki, Koalska and Regier in the second, and the earlier departure of Borrelli (Bodine took a couple of shifts on the wing in the first); the pairs all shifted around, too. Just for the heck of it, here's a run of even-strength forward shifts from the early-to-middle of the third period: Sullivan-Koalska-Liebel; Marjamaki-Ferraro-Dubord; (penalty kill); Dubord-Johnson-Liebel; (penalty kill); Magowan-Johnson-Sullivan; Lalonde-Koalska-Dubord; Aquino-Liebel-Regier; Marjamaki-Ferraro-Sullivan; Magowan-Johnson-Lalonde; Dubord-Koalska-Liebel.

(Signifying? Nothing. Probably.)

There's likely a couple of more days or so until cuts. The Islanders got to 26 this morning by sending Jeremy Colliton and Blake Comeau here. Peter Ferraro, one of the 26, gets featurized in Newsday.

Chris Madden... is not retired. At least, not officially, although he sounded almost resigned to it today, "unless something really special comes up." He's heard from a couple of teams but didn't sound sold on something happening. He's frustrated, and who can blame him after the way last season went. He had some back spasms in camp, "got hit kind of funny," and that slowed him down, but even so, he said he wasn't sure he saw a spot in the organization for him.


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