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Friday, September 29, 2006

Marauding kids

Is preseason over yet? The stories are neat, it's cool seeing all the people you don't expect (or, half the time, know) come through, it's nice that people aren't all that on edge yet. But totally selfishly, it's hard to cover a preseason game in this league. You're in a press box that no longer has internet or phone lines. You're on folding tables next to the boards with no power. You're in the lobby trying to look around people, and yelling "SCREEN" doesn't work, because they can't hear you, and you can't hear inside.

Selfish, yes.

An impressive comeback, Bridgeport's third comeback win in three games, sparked by avoiding the penalty box, then by Jason Goulet's willingness to take a few punches to get there. Goulet did more giving than taking, of course, which makes him quite interesting. Keep him around? This team hasn't had a heavyweight since Messrs. Belak and Godard departed. (Funny stat in the story tomorrow -- second edition at least.)

Colliton, Regier continue to look good. Guys like Bryan Rodney (nice shot on the game-winner; an impressive play all-around by the four guys on the ice) and Kevin Mitchell drew some notice for their power-play work. Albany's goals were all at the other end, and I got no read on them at all, but what I saw of Dubielewicz in his AHL preseason debut was good. (All three goals were on the power play, with Peter Tsimikalis' on a two-man advantage.)


  • I was sitting on the end the Rats scored on in the first period. The goals were a screen shot that Dubie probably should have found, but then again I'm not a goalie so maybe he really didn't see it. The other two were impossible to stop. Tsimikalis' shot on the 2 man ad and he had a lot of space to shoot. The other PP goal was a bad bounce on a point shot that caught a defender and ended up bouncing right to a guy all by himself.

    The two second period Tiger goals were nice, especially the one where Nielsen controlled the puck to behind the net, sent it out to the point where it went directly to Nilsson on the doorstep for a one-timer.

    By Blogger Andy Gardecki, at 12:32 AM  

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