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Friday, October 06, 2006

If you get in with the right bunch of fellows

Heard from, of all people, Sean Bergenheim today. He led the main part of the e-mail with, of all things: "Anyway, Russia was good." That's positive thinking.

Anyway, Bergenheim said he liked Russia and liked the game there, but he says a coaching change in Yaroslavl was the big factor in his decision to leave: The new coach was barely playing him -- "I mean nine shifts a game, maybe," he wrote -- "so it was hard to do anything."

He doubts the Islanders want to sign him now, which meshes with what I've heard from within. So he's waiting for now, and if nothing happens, he'll look to play in Finland or Sweden.

Meanwhile, the free Center Ice preview is back. If I didn't have something else monopolizing my obsessions...

Coupla links: Here's Dave Eminian's Dave Baseggio story from the Journal Star. And speaking of obsessions, Mike Vaccaro testifies in the NYPost's newish blog. And Jeff Hamilton makes his Blackhawks debut (6:20, minus-1 but on for a Chicago PPG) in a routine pitchers' duel of an 8-6 victory at Nashville.


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