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Thursday, October 12, 2006

What a day

Back in 1997, there was a bullpen in shambles. The names might frighten you. In May, they called up a kid long man who was impressive in his consistency. No. 11 would come in, and for once, you wouldn't panic.

That team didn't get that far, but it was the beginning of something, a turnaround that led to one pennant, and the turnaround in the bullpen helped spark it all. But when they won, that long man was gone, lost in the expansion draft at the end of 1997.

Wednesday, he was lost to us all. May his family find comfort, and may Cory Lidle rest in peace.

More sadness, as Tim Leone reports the death of Barry Boudreau, brother of Hershey coach Bruce Boudreau. Condolences down there.

Been meaning to update the writers' blogroll a bit, but I was waiting for our triumphant homecoming. Well, since it's been a month and change...

Press and Sun-Bulletin writer Michael Sharp has a new blog on the Binghamton Senators.

Dave Eminian of the Peoria Journal-Star is bloggin' on site.

And stringer extraordinaire Dan Hickling has a blog at Minor League News.

Hey, a win!


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