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Saturday, October 07, 2006

It won't be long, yeah

Sounds like they're going to announce the captains and the first-night lineup the old-fashioned way: We show up and see who's got the sweaters, and who's got what on the sweaters. (Those brand-spankin'-new sweaters.)

Lines remained the same. There's some balance there. And even though that's the order they went in one drill Friday, I don't know that you can really number them 1-4*. I can't wait to see how the staff uses them -- assuming there's enough even-strength play to use them in a regular manner, which is no guarantee early in the season.

A correspondent notes that last night's game in Peoria pitted Dave Baseggio against Ryan McGill, old teammates, in a Western-style Bridgeport-Hartford showdown. (Baseggio's Rivermen won in OT on a Jon DiSalvatore goal.)

And Jody Robinson's retirement is confirmed by someone close to him. I'll try to catch up to him in the next couple of days and write something about it, whether here or in print...

Speaking of print, you might have noticed we don't have as much of it as we used to. Some stuff may be Web-exclusive this year, and I'll try to link to it when I can. In that spirit, a word of warning: Look for a lot of Web stuff come the morning...

*-Or letter them A-D, which is my bad note-taking habit; defense pairs get numbered.

Update note: Jason Guerriero signed an AHL deal Friday with Milwaukee.


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