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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Bullet history, Round 2

Updating the bullet history, for those just joining us...

(The bullet events of 2000-2005 are re-stated and incorporated as if fully set forth herein)

2005 continued: Two-a-days. Papineau hurt. Robinson hurt. Team Streak: five losses; six wins; six losses. Jeff Hamilton, The Prodigal Sniper. Dave Karpa Era. Colley called. Madden's out; Dubie takes over. Five losses, seven out of eight, Wilkes-Barre coming in... they did WHAT to Wilkes-Barre? 4-0-0-1 till a callup for Dubielewicz. Happy New Year.

2006: Freddy Cloutier, Cody Rudkowsky, and poor Chris Madden. Bouchard comes back. At Wilkes-Barre: 7-0? Robert Nilsson, lacrosse (and media) star. Dave Karpa Era ends; Pratt for Brigley as the Providence jinx continues. Francois St. Laurent and five-on-threes in overtime. Captain's out. Bruno the All-Star. Five in a row, with a blizzard, and then five PPGs. Callups begin, 17-4-1-2. Chris Thompson. Where's Vinny? Four goals for Bergenheim. Tomi's back. Sweep Lowell... Then Binghamton Debacle, then Albany Debacle. Deadline: No more Smith, Bouchard, but Tambellini and Grebeshkov. Road trip. Just 15 skaters at Providence... and a win! SOL at Manchester, and Hamilton's concussed. Tsimikalis. O'Marra. Kohn. Comeau. There's 10 guys up. OTL. OTL. Straight-up L. Win over Hartford in the home finale. L-L-L, but it doesn't matter. It's Wilkes-Barre. Comeau arrives. Bergenheim hits everything (for one night). Dubie stops everything. Two wins there. OTL on the two-on-one. Bad bounce. Two losses here. Marjamaki in OT, win there. Stone PPG in OT, loss here. And then the back-and-forth out there; empty-net, extra-attacker, and they just run out of time. One-goal game (7x). One home win, not here. Happy summer. Bill's gone (?). So are the coaches (?!). So's the new GM (?!?!) The Marshall Plan. Joe Ferras. Jack Capuano. Bernie Cassell, for real at last. Bergie's Russian off. Berry, Wotton, Billy Thompson, Nielsen, Mitchell's back, Pitton, Ferraro, Nokelainen, Goulet, Halvardsson, Fata, Ogorodnikov, Cullen.

And that's where it stands.


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