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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Up and down

Fates turn around so quickly in this game.

Masi Marjamaki scores, and then he thinks he's low, and Boychuk's low, and he drives his shoulder in with speed, and he thinks his feet are still down, and he ends up with a major and a game misconduct after Boychuk's hurt.

Rick Berry can't get the handle on a puck in the corner and Albany scores, and then he blocks two back-door passes on the five-on-three kill to keep Albany from putting even a shot on Billy Thompson on a long five-on-three.

Fata gets booed every time he touches the puck, and then gets touched in a terrifyingly delicate spot. (He was, you probably will expect, not happy at all with Ryan Bayda.)

Bridgeport seems to have momentum into the third, a playoff-type third. It loses in a shootout.

It comes down to this: Albany's magic number is seven, points won by it or lost by Bridgeport (so long as that doesn't include two more OT/SOLs for the Rats than for Bridgeport). The Sound Tigers need a two-point swing to make it, or a few wins and a bunch of Albany SOLs: Go 3-1 to the Rats' 2-2, that's good enough.

"It'd be nice to have another one against them," Thompson said. "Now we've got to rely on them getting beat and us winning."

Berry hasn't lost faith. He's excited about the new guys getting into the system; he says the team's coming together.

Can it be in time?

F: Comeau-Smith-Regier
J.Johnson-Desharnais-G. Johnson
D: Fata-Berry ('A')
Malec-Wotton (C)
Rourke (A)-Gervais

F: Bayda (A)-Aucoin (C)-Willis
McLeod-Dwyer (A)-Blanchard
D: Cumiskey-Boychuk

So the Islanders are in with a win against Jersey and out with a loss of any kind; Albany's playing Hartford. Folks sneaking away from the table all over the metropolitan area...

TV star Peter Ferraro returned to the Peoria lineup, but the Rivermen got beat 2-0.

Hartford did clinch a finish ahead of Providence. Looks like nothing substantial to be clinched in the Eastern Conference until Tuesday, when Manchester can secure the Atlantic Division with a win over Portland. The Bears could clinch the season series against Wilkes-Barre with a win, but there's no way that can matter anymore.


  • Mike,
    Any chance there is tape of that spear that might find it's way to the league office and result in a suspension? Aside from perhaps being fair, that might also prove to be helpful.

    By Blogger Isle Be Back, at 7:22 AM  

  • If the tape's clear, it wouldn't be surprising. We'll see...

    By Blogger Fornabaio, at 2:26 AM  

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