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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Democracy at work: Fake Team Awards II

In yet another very, very scientific ballot (10 votes: hey, one more than last year!).....

Fan Favorite was Wade Dubielewicz in a runaway with seven out of 10 votes. (Boguniecki, Fata and Regier all got one.) Can't say I'm surprised. He evolved into a leader and the face of the franchise over four years. He'll be missed, not that anyone who's been around here isn't thrilled about the reason he'll be missed.

The Seventh Player voting was much more spread out -- interesting; last year, it was the opposite -- but Jason Pitton won a nailbiter, and I'd agree with that one. He got three votes on his own with one split between him and Fata. Regier and Marjamaki got two votes apiece; Fata and Nielsen got one apiece, plus that other half for Fata.

Three Stars, again, is Wade Dubielewicz by most measures. He has the most first-star picks (8), tied Tambellini for most second-star picks (7), beats Tambellini on a 5-3-1 system (63-56) and on a 3-2-1 system (40-37). Tambellini was picked more than Dubielewicz (18-17) but played 10 more games. The only other player in the ballpark is Boguniecki.

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