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Monday, February 26, 2007


While we wait on all fronts... One of those once-every-coupla-years things from yesterday. In Purinton's seven minutes of penalties, which comes first, the minor or the major?

Turns out (Rule 20.1, second paragraph):

When one player or goalkeeper receives a major penalty and a minor penalty at the same time, the major penalty shall be served first by the penalized player (or substitute for the goalkeeper), except under Rule 19.2 where coincidental major penalties are in effect, in which case the minor penalty shall be recorded and served first."

Since Rule 19.2 was not in effect: Had Bridgeport scored 30 seconds in, the power play would continue with 6:30 on the penalty clock. Had it scored 5:01 in, the whole thing would be over.

(Thanks to Jason Chaimovitch at the league office for confirmation. I'm pretty sure this has happened and we've looked this up once before in a BST game, but I couldn't find it...)


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