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Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Well, that was ugly.

This was Game 5 in six nights, let's not forget, part of a lovely eight-in-10 and 15-in-24; it comes after a big Albany game and before a big Albany game and has "letdown" written in big, shiny letters...

Or not.

But even so, if just one of those five ridiculous scoring chances on the first power play goes in, this one might have been a different story.

Now, this one can become a concern Friday or Saturday. If this begins a trend, if the breaks have all evened out and it's tipping the other direction, it's petrifying. But let that happen first.

It's not like this one was all that different from some other recent ones, with the possible exception that the power play looked really good for a minute-24 but didn't score. Couple of turnovers. Shots against in bunches. They just happened to lose this one.

They'll take a day to regroup -- it's picture day -- and then come back Friday for another big Albany tilt. And with 25 to go, they start all getting big.

F: Nilsson-Colliton (A)-Boguniecki
Pitton-J. Johnson-Nolan
G. Johnson/Magowan
D: Fata-Berry
Wotton (C)-Fraser
Malec-Rourke (A)

F: Kane (A)-Potulny-Dimitrakos
D: Slaney (C)-Guenin
Grenier-Baumgartner (A)

Philly has a point in all four games of this series.

Wilkes-Barre came from behind in the third to tie Hershey, so the Penguins are 11 points up on Bridgeport with a game in hand. Albany has two games in hand on Bridgeport, and the Sound Tigers' lead is still nine. Philly is 12 back of Bridgeport and three back of Albany but has played a game more than Bridgeport. And Hershey coughed up a lead in the third but still beat Wilkes-Barre, so the Bears are four ahead of the Penguins and 15 ahead of the Sound Tigers.

Neat to have to go through the Notre Dame-Fairfield coaching staff to get to the dressing rooms tonight. Zingoni has himself 12 goals and an AHL deal, keeps getting better. "Me personally, I'm just playing with a lot more confidence," he said. He looks it.

And Hugh Jessiman's back in Hartford, restoring one more southern-Connecticut player to the AHL. You know the motto: Taking over the AHL one player at a time.

Kjell Samuelsson apparently picked up a bug along the way, so Joey Mullen ran the show tonight for Philly.

Rockford seems to be getting closer.


  • not sure who saw it, but Soctt Munroe had an awesome mask. 1/2 Flyers 1/2 Phantoms! COOL

    By Anonymous stan, at 6:05 AM  

  • the "Phantom of the rink" ....

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:21 PM  

  • I saw the mask and said the same thing. It was cool 1/2 the p from the flyers and 1/2 of the phantom face.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:20 PM  

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