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Thursday, February 22, 2007

All-, three-stars picks?

There's a press conference scheduled for tomorrow night in Binghamton for a major AHL announcement. Hmm... (Though the last time I "hmm"ed, it was an affiliation extension in Milwaukee. But that one is already done in Bingo...)

And Edit: Carolina and Albany have extended their agreement through 2009.

Now then... Just a little curiosity poll. Unscientifically, there seems to be a trend toward the home team sweeping the three stars after a win. Seems like the Rangers and Islanders have both been on that bandwagon awhile. Lately, the same thing has happened with the Sound Tigers; Bill Ballou notes it from afar today in his weekly column (near the end).

At Harbor Yard, we (usually) vote for the three stars. At least, the media does; I'm pretty sure the radio broadcasters do, too. My experience is often rather like the one Sam Weinman related in his blog back in November, though I try to have a little thought process going by the start of the third, just because I've got to have three stars and an unsung hero picked for print by the time I send my first story.

There are times I've got three names picked with with full confidence. There are times I've got little idea, pick three likely names and let the vote influence what I end up picking for print. Other times I've got four names for three spots and agonize as long as I can over that last spot. I try to avoid the goalie/goalie/game-winner trap, though sometimes it works out that way. Deadlines play a role in how long I agonize, too, because if I've got to send right after the game, then the gamer takes priority.

It's a big deal to me --in that hockey-tradition sense -- and I want to get it as "right" as possible, while giving sentimentality its due. To me that includes giving the visiting team a fair shake, and if it's a close game, there has to be a compelling reason to exclude one team from the three stars.

So it feels weird in 2-1 and 1-0 games to see one team sweeping. Here, I guess, is my question: Does it feel weird to you, or is even this little wonderment an overreaction?


  • So, I guess the AHL is going to turn a fun weekend into crap by having next year's All-Star game in a tiny arena with nasty fans and a surrounding city that's actually worse then downtown Bridgeport. If BST doesn't want the game next year (as I heard we turned it down) then why couldn't the league find someplace else besides Bingo?

    As for the 3 stars, who cares? It's just fun stuff for fans and otherwise meaningless. I think you've given our goalie the #1 star in our last 6 straight wins. But, they probably deserved it.

    By Blogger Andy Gardecki, at 8:40 PM  

  • hmmm
    Well, Bingo is small and the event is not a huge attendance getter, but it's close, so it's go for some of us!

    As far as the 3 stars go. I think no matter if it's the home or away team it should matter what when on the ice. I enjoy the 3 stars and sometimes do not agree with the picks of the night, but everyone has their own opinon. Just hate it when teams or arenas are homers!

    By Anonymous stan, at 8:59 PM  

  • I try to be fair with the three star selections as well. A lot of times I'll base my three star selections on the scoresheet and who has typically done best throughout the game. Then there will be the game or two where one player really caught my eye, did all the right things, and has nothing on the scoresheet to show for it. He would deserve a star selection in my eye.

    If a losing team's player deserves a star, I would give to him. Case-in-point, when WBS Penguins lost 1-0, I felt Penner deserved a second star selection but ended up not getting it in the final vote. Hell, the only goal he gave up was that HUGE softie to Wotton, yet he was strong the rest of the game.

    I take it seriously just as much you as I feel it's an integral part of the game.

    By Blogger Tom Liodice, at 1:12 AM  

  • I always try to include a visitor in the three stars if it's a close game in Wilkes-Barre. Nobody likes a homer.
    I generally take the voting seriously too, but there are exceptions.
    For example, I worked Eric Weinrich in the other night specifically because he's old.
    Look at him. He's old.

    By Anonymous jonathan bombulie, at 4:03 AM  

  • OK, so this subject is what it took for me to be inspired enough to contribute here rather than simply lurk.

    All too often it seems as if the 3 stars are selected based simply upon the box score and do not reflect enough creativity in terms of making note of who played well.

    Production matters, of course, but I'd like to see a little more credit given to a guy who has a great game on a team's PK unit, as an example, over another guy who assisted on the GWG.

    As far as "home team preference" goes, I think it's only natural for there to be a little slant. But when one team sweeps an OT game chances are that someone's contributions were missed.

    By Blogger Isle Be Back, at 7:19 PM  

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