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Friday, October 20, 2006

Number 17, Jason...

I was all set to tell you all about how much better the intros were than last year. And really, even with everything that happened, this year's was already better once the video started....

The good omen? When the lights go out or the fire alarm goes off at the Arena at Harbor Yard, the Sound Tigers are much more likely to reach the Calder Cup Final.

The bad news is Adam Goodman got cut off in the exact middle of Jason Pitton's name, tried to get through the rest, and got cut off again after Ryan Caldwell. So out came the rest of the team.

Feel bad tonight for Kimber Auerbach, whose show got blasted by those flashes of light all around the arena. Know what, though? Introducing half of the team is a half-team more than was introduced last year.

F: Comeau-Colliton (A)-Nilsson
D: Fata-Berry
Mitchell-Wotton (C)
Rourke (A)-Goulet

F: Korpikoski-Helminen-Weller (C)
Purinton (A)/Falardeau
D: Liffiton-Girardi
Lampman (A)-Richter

Got so much into the penalties and the PK that I forgot to ask the obvious question: Shoot first in the shootout? Dan Marshall went second, and Immonen got the Pack out front right away. Who knows if it would have mattered, but it's one of those discussion things. Marshall was much more interested in talking about discipline, and lack thereof by his team.

Four out of Bridgeport's 12 shootouts have come in 21 games against Hartford in the past three seasons. Dubielewicz is 0-3 against the Wolf Pack, one loss each season, and he knew it. He's 1-4 all-time in the bonus round here.

Bruno Gervais sighting in the dressing room tonight.

Newtown's own Peter Zingoni played for Philly tonight in a 6-5 overtime loss at Norfolk; no points, minus-2, three minors. Petr Nedved also played (goal, short-handed assist) for Philly, which scored five in a row to take a 5-2 lead, then gave up the lead in the final 15:07.

Hershey tomorrow. Should be fun. If you're making the trek, they're starting things up with a video presentation at 6:30, with the big show to follow.


  • Thanks for the tip.. Will make sure get there early toningt.

    By Blogger DaveBrz, at 3:09 PM  

  • And he will be know as "Just Jason" from this day forward.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:14 PM  

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