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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Immigration debate

New signs on the BST dressing room doors this year, with a blue background, and the new logo above these words:

No admittance
Players & Staff Only

Meantime, Wade Dubielewicz was still here this morning; Ryan Caldwell (shoulder) and Brandon Cullen (concussion) practiced but remain distinctly day-to-day; and Steve Regier sat out again sick, and geez, if he can't go, how will they fill out a lineup? (Sorry, force of habit.)

Elsewhere, Nedved and Dimitrakos are Phantoms. And it doesn't seem to be on their site yet, but a press release from Lowell says the non-Lock Monsters have signed Scott Lachance to an AHL deal.

Unrelatedly, I cracked up at least three times at "30 Rock" last night. Beautiful.

A couple of interesting things out of the New York Sun today. Apparently my hometown's City Council is talking about requiring wood bats in high school games. "Safety," they scream, which will last until a broken bat skulls someone, and then they'll doubtless ban high school baseball. And John McWhorter combines language with politics and comes up with an interesting column.

Probably more later...


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