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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Moving north/south/up

(This thing didn't post? Oh well -- some updates, anyway)

The Islanders add Josef Vasicek, which should finish things for them, barring a trade. It could well push Frans Nielsen to here full-time until injuries.


Greg Ireland lands on his feet with the Stampede Rampage.

HOURob Daum (4/18)Kevin Constantine (5/29)
BPTDan Marshall (4/30)Jack Capuano (4/30)
BINDave Cameron (St. Mike's 5/1)Cory Clouston (7/19)
PHIKjell Samuelsson (6/6)Craig Berube (6/6)
GRGreg Ireland (6/15)Mike Stothers (7/18)
MILClaude Noel (Columbus 6/28)Lane Lambert (7/11)
SAPat Conacher (<7/18)Greg Ireland (8/14)
HFDJim Schoenfeld (7/23)Ken Gernander (7/23)
SPRSteve Stirling-sGeoff Ward (5/15)
SPRGeoff Ward (8/1)Kelly Buchberger (8/3)
NORMike Haviland-nSteve Stirling-s
RCK---Mike Haviland-n
CLE---Joe Sacco (5/7)

n-from Norfolk to Rockford with Chicago's affiliation; s-from Springfield to Norfolk with Tampa Bay's affiliation


RIP, Scooter, a guy I appreciated more when I got older. May there be a cannoli waiting on the other side of the bridge...


And if you're on all the RSS feeds, you may have noticed something different. Will probably give it a dry run the next few days and "relaunch," if you will, next week... And hopefully for good.


  • According to a post on an Islander forum and the source website, tough guy Gordie Dwyer will be a try-out for the Isles.

    What are your thoughts on their apparent tough guy strategy that will most likely affect the team makeup of the BST?

    I do not know much about any of these reported "tough guys". Can any of them play? Is their a diamond in the rough here or should expectations be, well not much of any?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:46 PM  

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