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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Who are these guys?

The numbers were striking before the game; they're even more striking now.

Brandon Bochenski, last 10 AHL games: 11 goals, 13 assists.

Martin St. Pierre, his last four AHL games: four goals, seven assists.

These guys ain't bad.

Billy Thompson wasn't happy afterward, but no less an authority than Bryan Trottier was picking him back up. They had to be perfect shots, and they were.

Besides, those other 43 didn't stop themselves.

F: Comeau-Colliton (A)-Regier
D: Fata-Berry
Mitchell-Wotton (C)
Rourke (A)

F: Brouwer-St. Pierre-Bochenski
Keith-MacDonald (C)-Corazzini (A)
Burish-Fraser-Low (A)
D: Richmond-Byfuglien

The second and third pairs from the start were Koci-Barker and Domish-Hendry, which makes me wonder if I missaw a 5 for a 6 and vice-versa in warmup. But I don't think so.

Looking at Norfolk before the season, I thought the Ads would be a good team, probably in a three-for-two-spots thing with Bridgeport and Albany -- nothing like this. Talked a little to Mike Haviland about it, and I'll probably (plug alert) use it for the weekly notebook.

So right as Bridgeport iced the puck with 6:33 to go in the first tonight, Haviland put the St. Pierre line out on the ice... and there was a call for a promotional timeout, the third of the period. Haviland was upset, pointing up at the scoreboard clock. Indeed, the script for the game said, as it usually does, that the TOs were to be taken, three a period, at the first even-strength whistle after 14:00, 10:00 and 6:00.

Ref Ciamaga went with it, though. The early break gave the Nielsen line a bit of a breather. But as it turned out, Nilsson put the puck into the crowd; no change. Tambellini iced the puck; no change again, but Nokelainen and Nolan had apparently snuck on at some point for Nielsen and Nilsson. And then Nokelainen takes a penalty. After a Norfolk penalty, Bochenski scored his 20th on the four-on-four.

There are Bridgeport folks who aren't happy with having the promo timeouts at all, or at least not this many. Would be surprising if anything ever changes that, but...

Colliton's scoring streak ended at eight games.

Stan notes the signing of Chris Ferraro in Phoenix.

Thought Marjamaki had one of his more-involved games yet this season. Last year, that's how things got going for him in December: Forcing turnovers, moving, hitting. The points followed. Maybe.


  • boy, I really like Marjamaki lately. Hitting everything!! I hope Goulet plays in Norfolk. Low needs to fight someone.

    By Anonymous stan, at 12:05 PM  

  • Cleveland, where the new AHL team set to begin play next season has partner with the Colorado Avalanche.

    By Anonymous stan, at 5:48 PM  

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