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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Road trip

The Tigers had the full day off, so I wrapped up the Weekly this afternoon and took a ride up to Hartford tonight for the Phantoms' visit. Not a bad game to watch. Hartford trailed 2-0 but came back, with Ryan Callahan scoring the winner in the last 30 seconds off a smart read-turned-breakaway. The kid's a player.

Chatted briefly with local boy Peter Zingoni*. The Phantoms were rollin' lines pretty good, so even though he was on the "fourth," he was getting on pretty regularly, often with a double-shifting Petr Nedved. Tonight was Game 20 on his 25-game PTO, and he said he's heard nothing about something further -- it expires right at the Christmas break -- but he said he's been getting some good feedback.

And it was also Jed Ortmeyer's return to game action after his pulmonary embolism this summer. Bruce wrote the story for today's Courant. They didn't stretch him out; there were a couple of shifts that were, basically, 20 seconds and get off. He got an assist when he moved the puck down low to Darien's Hugh Jessiman for a feed to Brandon Dubinsky at the front. Hope Ortmeyer's back up top quickly; he's a fun player to watch, and he works his tail off.

Missed the Big Goaltender, though. Have to catch up with him soon.

Hey, the weekly's up already. Tried a little something with the feature, and I'm not sold that I sold it. Let me know what you think. Be vicious if necessary. The rest of the weekly stuff is found as always on our BST page.

Sergei Ogorodnikov put into words something I've wondered for a while. Sure, you read the books, you learn the language... But like Dave Barry wrote in one of his books**, foreign-language classes basically teach you how to say "give me the fish of your brother Raoul." There's nothing in there about the outlet pass or the neutral-zone trap. I remember trying to talk systems last year with Evgeny Tunik, and the two of us getting hilariously frustrated***.

Wondered semi-idly if Kevin Mitchell noticed any real difference in dialect between the cities he visited in Germany and in Austria. They told him there was, but he said he couldn't tell.

"America's Finest News Source," The Onion, does a pretty good rip job on hockey this week. And of course, it's darn funny.

The Mets had their Christmas party Wednesday, and Adam Rubin provides in his blog some "Hosts of Christmas Past" from the News' photo archives. (Anna Benson as Mrs. Claus makes it, of course, not suitable for work.) Among the classics, once you move past that first photo, are 1999 and 1978.

And RIP, Peter Boyle.

*-After convincing the visiting-room security guard I really was from the press. That's what I get for making sure I've waited out the 10-minute cooling-off period, I guess...
**-Dave Barry's Only Travel Guide You'll Ever Need, maybe?
***-As one of us was Italian, sweeping hand gestures became involved.


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