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Sunday, January 07, 2007

"I like to say 'Quark'!"*

In a most welcome development, the Rats have taken to showing clips from "The Muppet Show" on the board at the Pepsi Knickerbocker** Times Union Center after opposition goals. I didn't notice any particular theme to the clips. Interestingly, after the seventh goal, they went back to the first clip.

Which made me wonder something. That first clip was of the Swedish Chef, singing his theme song, tossing his spoons around, the usual***. What I'm wondering: What does Robert Nilsson think of the Swedish Chef? Gotta ask that one at some point.

Anyway. Frans Nielsen makes the NHL debut and plays even in 7:38. Coupla shots, coupla hits, and 1-5 on draws. Welcome to the Show.

Up the Quickway, Matt Koalska makes the Bingo debut with an assist.

Two press-release headlines of note: From Augusta and Manchester.

The Everblades announced Chris Lee's return to there.

Haydar's slipping. Just one point?

And finally, crossing party lines: We tuned in Cowboys-Seahawks with about seven minutes to play (Seahawks third-and-goal before turning it over on downs, then getting an incompletion-turned-fumble-turned-touchdown-turned-safety, then...). And those might have been the craziest seven minutes of football I've ever seen. At least, y'know, since the five plays I saw at the end of Boise State-Oklahoma last week.

*-I miss these guys.
**-Yeah, that hasn't gotten old already.
***-One of my favorite bits on "Robot Chicken" is a Swedish Chef bit that had him walking down the block, spying and commenting on all kinds of things that, naturally, end in "-ork" sounds.


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